Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd...the last day of vacation

Fun fact for the day?  I love kettle-cooked chips.  I could eat an entire bag in one sitting if no one stopped me.

Got the Christmas stuff taken down and put away.  My poor apartment looks so naked and bare.  It is practically screaming at me to "put it all baccccckkkkkk!".  But not for another 11 months.  or so.

Tomorrow I go back to work.

I am not amused.

If I liked my job, it would be different.  Once upon a time, in another department far far away, I enjoyed going to work.  I had amazing co-workers (and I don't say that because some of them follow me lol).  They cared about you.  Asked about your holiday/vacation/medical issue/kids/husband/family/television viewing habits/granny/gramps/etc.  It was nice.

When I go back to work tomorrow, it will be a miracle if anyone even notices I am back. 

Or that I was gone.

It is really sad that my employment has become just that.  Employment.  I would be thrilled if Taco Bell called me and offered me a job as a bathroom cleaner.  That's how sad it is.

I think this has been the start of why I feel like I have no life, no friends, no one else to really hang out with, talk to, joke with. 

Because there is no one in my current department who cares.  They don't even give off a pretense of trying. 

You  may get small talk, but that is all.  And when someone they like better comes along, you are forgotten like yesterday's gift wrapping.  Normally you get looks.  Stares.  But no words.  I might as well be working by myself. 

And most days, I really would take working alone to working with these others.  Because I can entertain myself and not be conscious of the fact that I was put where I am thanks to downsizing and the inability to  make a hard decision for oneself, choosing instead to take the easy way out.

So tomorrow I go back to work.  Maybe I should call Taco Bell?  Just in case...


  1. *sniff sniff* I miss you, Tammy! :(

  2. Ang...I have never seen anything quite like it. No one likes anyone it seems, they are all out to get one another, and for Christmas we got..well nothing. No one cared. No cards, no gift exchange, no donations for charity, no gift for the boss (who is really nonexistent anyways). It is ugly and hateful and it really bums me out to have to go in every day.