Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4th...another day, another dime

When no one else is home but me, I usually end up burrowed in my bedroom on the computer.   I don't know why.

I know it's not a "fun" fact, but it's true.  I have noticed a tendency lately to burrow up within myself.  I know me.  I like me (most days).  I'm a fun person ( I think at least). 

I need to find a way to get out of my shell again.  School usually helps me with that.  Next week.  Class starts up again for me Wednesday night next week, if you don't count my online class. 

When I go to school, I am forced to walk into a classroom of people I may or may not know.  I am forced to sit with these people, interact with them, and get to know them for 16 weeks.  It helps me come out of my shell a little bit.

My shell needs cracked I guess.  I'm too comfortable in it for my own good.  But with my sweetheart working nights, and me working days I don't want to go anywhere.  Now maybe if he were home, it would be a different story.  But for now, this is how it is. 

And here is where you will find me.  In my shell.  All burrowed up.  Online.  :)

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