Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5...Is it Friday yet?

I love to laugh. 

I really do.  Anyone who knows me knows this. 

And today it felt really good to laugh at work again.

My co-worker actually got to work with me today, instead of on nights like we have been for the last month and a half.  And she is even more of a sarcastic smart-ass than I am...hard as that is to believe!

We laughed today while being "positive" (since we all got the company email that says negativity is not allowed and will cost us points on our evals, we have no choice really) in many ways...

"I'm positive that this sucks!"

"Not being negative but I am sure glad we don't have dept meetings...but notice how I'm not being sarcastically positive about this!"

"See how happy I am to figure this issue out without any supervisionary help?"

Yep.  It was one of those days.  But at least it's another day closer to Friday right?

Oh yea.  Except that I have to work this weekend. 

But I say that in a positive tone of voice, so that counts right?

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