Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8th...yep.


I missed a couple of days.  I admit it.  I thought about grabbing my computer and dashing off a quick entry, but did I?


Instead I tried to get some kind of sleep inbetween kids and work this weekend.  It almost worked.


So here I am on Sunday night, trying to make up for my lost two days.

At least I don't have to work tomorrow.  Kind of.  I do have to go in for a "mandatory compliance meeting" in the afternoon.  Because you know, when you have the day off, you just can't help but want to go in anyways.


Yea.  Didn't think so.

Oh yea, I start up a new semester this week too.  Technical Writing and College Algebra and Trig.  Oh boy.  I just can't wait. 




So when you are sitting at home on Wednesday nights, say a prayer to the math angels for me ok?

The English class is online, and I don't really anticipate any issues with it.  It's the math that may kill me in the end.  But all i have to get in that class is a C and I am done.  No points towards the program, no competition for it. 

Just a C, m'am. 


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